Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekly Update- 27 Weeks

How far along? 27 weeks

How big is baby? about 15 inches (head to feet) and probably over two pounds

Weight gain/loss? still waiting to see the doctor next week to see if it was the scale haha..thinking up about 20ish lbs but honestly I have no idea how.

Maternity clothes? A lot but I've gotten creative with shirts that I wouldn't wear before because I didn't like how I looked but now it's cute haha

Stretchies? just on my boobs luckily enough...knock on wood

Sleep? When I'm not up going to the bathroom I'm sleeping like a log

Best moment this week? I would say ordering our decal that's on our way, furniture and room coming together this weekend, a friend sent me some awesome chips, and another friend gave me some advice cards for my shower.

Movement? All the time

Food cravings? Nothing really in particular...I read some girls blog about how she was eating salt and vinegar chips so I bought some and I didn't think they were vinegary enough haha

Food aversions/foods that make me sick? none whoot

Gender? Girly :)

Labor signs? None. But got some Braxton Hicks going on.

Belly button in or out? Both

What I miss? bending over...doing tasks around the house and not having to stop literally every 3 minutes

What I am looking forward to next week? This week or next week is month 7. Not sure which one. Gestational diabetes as well...well not looking forward per say to that but I want to know

Milestones? Third trimester!

New things this week? noticeable swelling and my belly is feeling heavy now (agree with Jin)

Weekly Wisdom? Buy the good wipes and laundry detergent for babies until you know if they can handle off brands

Emotions? cool as a cucumber whoot

Belly/Body Changes? Belly is massive...Mr. B thinks I'll go early (granted he knows nothing of pregnancy but I'm even on board with him that they'll induce me if I don't slow down) and I don't overeat and eat pretty healthy. I mean I treat myself here and there but only after I've done well. My face is fuller for sure....hands are swelling and if I'm on my feet too much like cleaning and cooking my feet start to swell.

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